The Race for Mayor of Conway is On!

Randy Herrold, through much prayer and counsel from friends, family, and trusted business leaders, has decided to enter the 2012 political race for mayor of Conway.  Randy will be building on support and prayers offered to me by so many in the community and through his 2008 bid for this position.  Having become very involved over the years with issues challenging our great city, Randy felt led to use his high energy and knowledge of business and governmental organizations to implement sound fiscally conservative priorities.  The goal is to bring Conway’s citizens, community organizations, business sectors, and our higher education arenas together to build an environment attractive to job creation and lower taxation.

Conway’s Operational budget needs have exploded over the last ten years, primarily funded by you the taxpayer and I will commit to cost-effective improvements in city operations and overhead.  My experience in being responsible for multimillion dollar budgets with large organizations will provide me with the necessary skills to handle the budget shortfalls currently plaguing this administration.  The citizens of Conway, Arkansas deserve a frugal but effective government they can be proud of.

Randy attended both Hendrix College and the University of Central Arkansas giving him a love for this great community and the people who call Conway their home.  My family returned to Conway after traveling with a large company for eleven years. Both of my children have gone through the Conway public school system, one is a senior in high school this year and the other has chosen to attend the University of Central Arkansas.

I am developing a website to discuss Conway matters important to the people of Conway.  You can see what everyone else is thinking, communicate with the candidate, and each other.  Open communication, transparency, and accountability is the number one interest you have expressed to me.  That is what I will provide for the people.  I hope to serve in excellence and not forget any voters (my bosses).

The Mayor’s race is non-partisan so voters get to take a look at each candidate without looking through the lens of any political party.  I am conservative a heart and follow the “golden rule” philosophy he current administration has over-extended the city budget on all manner of luxuries while failing to honor the financial commitments made to the good men and women of the police and fire departments.  Promises were made to these fine people and were not kept.  We simply can’t run a balanced budget by shorting the necessities of the city in favor of the luxuries and discretionary spending.

If you agree, I hope and trust you will join this campaign to return fiscal sanity to the government of Conway.  That is what this is all about!